Communications isn’t just the traditional telephone any more. We communicate in diverse and ever more efficient ways. Crewe Technologies can provide you with everything from a basic phone system to a fully featured call center.  We can provide phone, web and video-conferencing solutions in a variety of formats depending on your requirements.

We can connect your phone system to you computer system in a variety of ways, and we can enable you and your staff to work from home or a remote location.

If you have a business requirement for a new communications solution, or you’re simply thinking of upgrading what you have, get in touch with us for a complimentary discussion about how we can make your business more efficient.

Small-Business phone systems

We offer phone solutions for businesses with as few as one employee.  These efficient and versatile systems are extremely cost-effective.

Contact us to discuss your requirement.  You’ll be surprised at how affordable an advanced, easy-to-use phone system can be.

Larger phone systems

We can provide custom telephony solutions to businesses that need a more complex telephone system.

Whether you’re looking to hook your phone solution into your back-end CRM or ERP system, or you need a fully featured call center, we can handle your requirement. Call us today!

Phone Service that you can afford

Finding a cost-effective but flexible phone or data plan has traditionally been hard to find.  We have partnered with a number of extremely high-quality but price-sensitive phone service providers to bring you 5-9s uptime and lower phone bills.

Our solutions can provide you with your phone, internet and cell-phone service on a single bill.  Contact us for more information.