Who we are

Crewe Technologies was formed in 2005 as a California Corporation.

Building on 25+ years of expertise in the field of Technology, our principals understand the incredible impact that computers, modern manufacturing systems and the internet have had on every type of business, from the Mom-and-Pop micro business through to the multi-million dollar manufacturing giant.

Our company motto is “Putting Technology to Work”, and exemplifies our belief that technology can make your business more efficient, so that you can do more with less.  Our solutions are enablement tools that allow you to work smarter, not harder.


The company was originally formed to provide Consulting expertise based around a German ERP product used by most of the Fortune 100 companies, called SAP.  Our skills have been used by such household names as Mazda-USA, eMachines and NBC-Universal.  We have provided extensive systems-integration solutions to international manufacturing companies, governmental agencies and global technology organizations.

Nowadays the company also provides solutions to Mid-sized and Small businesses, giving the same professional approach and attention to detail to our smallest customers that we give to our very largest customers.